Clubs & Forum

Vanijya vedike (Commerce Forums)

Faculties Convenor:Kalidas K.

Students Co-ordinator: Vidya Goudar, Shivani S.U

Forum aims at going beyond classroom learning and promoting a creative bent of mind, ingenious thinking and a genuine appreciation of the challenges of the wider world of trade and commerce. The forum aspires to help students develop the required skill-set to stay abreast with the ever- changing demands of industry and thereby create future business executives. Forum conducts informative seminars, extensive inter class competitions.


Ignite the minds of students through creative thinking


The Forum benefits students, develops and disseminates comprehensive standards of good practice, resources and training, advocates for education in commerce.


  • To advance teachers and students academic and professional growth
  • To discuss widely-accepted standards and best practices in the areas of trade, commerce and business.


  • A guest lecture on trade, commerce and business
  • Interclass business quiz competition
  • Interclass collage competition
  • Inter class essay competition
  • Inter class debate competition
  • PPT presentation

Movie Club

Faculties Convenor:Dr Nagesh Y. G.

Students Co-ordinator: Sonica C, Kethana G

Cinema is immensely popular today. But in our preoccupation with cinema as a source of entertainment, we often fail to recognize its educational and social dimensions. Movie club is trying to acquaint our students with the educational and social dimensions of cinema. Also, the club aims to cultivate intelligent, critical appreciation of cinema among students. With these objectives the club hopes that in the days to come, our students will be exposed to good cinema from across India and the world. Viewing them critically, they will become perceptive judges of this powerful medium.

Screening movies/documentary focuses on the skills like leadership, team spirit, group dynamics, creativity and self-motivation. It encourages discussion and analysis from various perspectives bringing students together to share experiences.


In the movie club we have the goal of bringing not only quality entertainment but to teach the students about life.


To inform and educate students about the different aspects of film and filmmaking. As a student of the diversified community, the movie Club is to provide film inspired activities and events for its club members. The purpose of movie club is to create an environment for film lovers who like to learn from movies and express their ideas on the story of the movie. And also to teach life lessons from the screening.

Bhasha Sangama (Language Club)

Faculties Convenor: Gopal C L

Students Co-ordinator: Greeshma S, Arjun Kumar K

Today, multiple languages have become necessary to deal with any profession. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in multiple languages, spoken language can lead you to next level. To run any kind of event or to appear for any job interview we need better language and it can be possible with Language Club.


To provide an effective oral and written communication for the members to competently develop their language skills.


  • Developing multiple language learning programs.
  • Integrating programs for creative works.
  • Practicing language and writing skills for effective communications

Objectives of the club

  • To provide a recreational and consolidated opportunities for students to learn and practice different language
  • To create an awareness for individuals with different talents and capacities
  • To give an outlet for students' creative talents
  • Encouraging atmosphere for students to express personal views.
  • Enhance students' learning opportunities
  • Engage them in cooperative tasks
  • Develop students’ personality

List of club activities

  • Introduce your partner
  • Pick and speak
  • Creative writing
  • Tongue twisters
  • Word express
  • One act play
  • Watch to recall
  • Advertisement
  • Word jumbling/Riddles
  • LOGO identification
  • Imaginary speaking
  • Audio/video interpretation
  • Idea generation
  • Debate
  • Group discussion
  • Personal interview

Nisarga Mitra (Eco club)


Club is committed towards raising social awareness regarding environmental issues and changing students’ attitude towards the environment by enlisting their active participation in the club’s activities.


  • To get the students actively involved in environmental matters and to develop their interest over environmental issues
  • To exert value-oriented efforts for a safer atmosphere, thus creating awareness towards the three ‘R’s - reduce, re-use and re-cycle.
  • To inculcate proper attitude towards the environment and its conservation through action-based programmes.
  • To enhance students’ participation in protecting the micro-environment.
  • To implement efficient solid waste management.
  • To reduce the use of plastic in the community.

The activities under the scheme include

Faculties Convenor: Sowmya M S

Students Co-ordinator: Harsha, Janavi

  • Motivate the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees. (Forest Department provides free saplings from its 14 nurseries)
  • Promote ethos of conservation of water by minimizing the use of water.
  • Motivate students to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation, source separation of waste and disposing the waste to the nearest storage point.
  • Educate students to create awareness amongst public and sanitary workers, so as to stop the indiscriminate burning of waste which causes respiratory diseases.
  • Sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags, not to throw them in public places as they choke drains and sewers, cause water logging and provide breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Organize tree plantation programmes, awareness programmes such as Quiz, essay, painting competitions, rallies, regarding various environmental issues and educate children about re-use of waste material & preparation of products out of waste
  • Organize Nature Trail in Wild Life Sanctuaries/Parks/Forest areas to know about the Bio-diversity

Sandya Samskruthi (Cultural Club)

Faculties Convenor: Rajath B S

Students Co-ordinator: Sumukha. S, Prerana.S

SEDC is engaged in various cultural activities throughout the year. There are numerous committees in the college that perform variedly on their behalf, and have a lasting effect on the college, students as well as outsiders. The college organizes orientation programme for freshers and guest lectures to equip them with the necessary skills. We have been celebrating National Festivals, Kannada Rajyosthsava day and College Annual day. Our students regularly participate in state level, district level and Inter-collegiate competitions and have won laurels to the college. The Committee’s activities are also aimed to orient them towards standards of equality, justice and a humanist culture.


To bring out the talents of students by promoting and arranging extra-curricular activities in the college.

Procedure to organize cultural events

  • To prepare the Annual Budget for various cultural events.
  • To obtain formal permission from the College authorities to arrange programs.
  • To decide the date, time and agenda of the programs.
  • To inform members of staff and students about the events.
  • To arrange the venue and logistics.
  • To invite the Chief Guest and other guests of honour.
  • To arrange mementos for guests and Trophies, Medals and certificates for the participants

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducting Talent Hunt
  • Conducting various activities
  • Sending students to Inter Collegiate Cultural contests
  • Any training sponsored by Govt., & other Associations
  • Conducting Annual Day
  • Organizing Fashion Show as per Bengaluru Central University requirements
  • Photo Album Maintenance
  • To bring to light the hidden talents and among the students and provide social, cultural and recreational activities for the college community.
  • To strengthen the communal bonds, promote a community spirit among all the staff members.
  • To encourage students to exhibit their talents in Technical activities like documentation, debate, essay writing, quiz, paper presentation, singing, acting, fine arts etc.