Learning Zone

Anveshane (Research Cell)

Faculty Convenor: Dr. Geetha V.

Students Co-ordinator: Ujwal Ren S and Spoorthi

Anveshana (Research Cell) of our college was founded to inculcate in the faculty and students a culture of research. The Cell achieves this by steadfastly encouraging them to take up research-based activities. It conducts several programmes to motivate the staff to enroll for M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes. It also motivates them to undertake UGC-sponsored research projects. It encourages members of the staff to publish their works in leading journals and to present papers at national and international conferences.

The Cell also attempts to cultivate an interest in research among students. Research Day poster presentation competition is conducted every year in which a large number of students participate enthusiastically.


“Learn, Discover, Heal, create - and Make the World Ever Better”


Generate new knowledge through a broad array of scholarly, research and creative endeavors, which provide a foundation for dealing with the immediate and long-term needs of society and pioneer new fields of learning.


  • To impart Research Culture to students
  • To maintain standards in achieving research outcomes
  • To promote Inter-disciplinary studies and create needful facilities that enhance inter-disciplinary research and innovation
  • To integrate research into all academic programs
  • To provide assistance to Faculty to undertake projects in Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty Development Program Cell

Faculty Convenor: Ranga.N

Students Co-ordinator: Santhosh. S & Sandhya.V

Academic, professional and personal growth and development of our faculty members is a high priority area at SEC. With ecology and landscapes changing and shifting in every subject and discipline, academics need to keep abreast of such developments. So, we organize FDP's on a regular basis in every discipline. Such programmes explore the creative ideas of our faculty guided by experts in their respective discipline. Upgrading and updating our knowledge, we surf the giant waves of change around us, lest we turn irrelevant and outmoded. Regular FDPs are premised on the assumption that to be steadfast, we have to be on the move, so to speak, trading place with the new gestalt. FDPs propel us to keep learning, because no teacher, we believe can afford to stop learning.


Being with the clarity of development.


To maintain the right perspective with good networking with the fraternity of teaching, non-teaching, technical, non-technical and professionals along with developing the faculties to take initiative with integrity.


  • Enhancing excellence in teaching through demonstrating and assessing significant student learning outcomes.
  • Providing professional development opportunities, including leadership which helps in organizational development.
  • Incorporating the effective use of technology.
  • Micro teaching
  • Design and Delivery of outcome based learning practices
  • Reflects an awareness on the variety in faculty growth and development and offers comprehensive, on-going, developmental, and flexible support programs.
  • Identifying the training needs of the faculty members and coordinating the training arrangements, in consultation with the departments.
  • Evaluating the training efficiency and maintaining the training records of the faculty members.

Student Development Program Cell

SDP comprises of Seminars, Expert talks, Workshops, Panel Discussions.

Faculty Convenor: Rajesh V.

Students Co-ordinator: S.K Mohtasham Hussain and Malashree N.S

By the Student & For the Student

Events and activities are planned and organized by the students themselves, which provide them an opportunity to learn ideation, planning and execution, team and resource management, time management etc. and help them to develop life skills.


A student development program dedicated to promote a college culture in which students have the necessary time for reflection, assessment and skill development work.

A student development program that provides communication and coordination across different ethos programs and encourages inter-disciplinary, class-wise and various committee activities.


The Student Development Program supports the college mission by offering programs and initiatives that aspire to provide leadership, support and service to students as they experience the personal transformations of the real education.


  • To equip students with the necessary skills to handle challenges
  • To make them integrate more technology onto their learning
  • To orient students towards the institution's objective & vision
  • To expand the capabilities and responsibilities of the students
  • To help students to learn leadership qualities


Vaanija Prathipalana

Faculty Convenor: Nagasudha R

Students Co-ordinator: N Sanjay and Vandana K S


Learn Play Innovate


Explore the WWWW (What, Why, When, Where) in each required field for the development of students and as well as faculties


  • To make students & faculties to understand what the content of any topic is.
  • To bring awareness about requirement of the topics
  • To make them realize about the application of their learnings